EDUCATOR'S GUIDE: REFRAMING AMERICA, Through the Eyes of Seven Immigrant Photographers


Reframing America  curated by:
Terence Pitts, Director, Center for Creative Photography

Educator's Guide written by:
Cass Fey, Curator of Education, Center for Creative Photography
Sharon Alexandra, Curatorial Assistant, Center for Creative Photography
Betsi Meissner, Ansel Adams Intern, Center for Creative Photography
Deborah Neagle, visiting graduate student in Art Museum Education from the University of Kansas

Internet version of the Educator's Guide prepared by:
Nancy Solomon
Margaret York

Reframing America was originally one exhibition in a three-part series titled Points of Entry. The catalog, national tour, and educational programming for Points of Entry were made possible by a major grant from the Lila Wallace - Reader's Digest Fund.    This page last updated August 18, 1999.

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