Indivisible is a unique documentary project that combines photographs and first-person narratives to explore community life and character and twelve contemporary grass-roots initiatives for positive change across the United States. This exhibition complements study in many subject areas. A list suggesting related subjects and issues follows the brief description of each community project.

Midwifery Practice and Doula Service, University Medical Center,Stony Brook, New York. A group of community volunteers and health professionals support women during prenatal, labor, delivery, and early postpartum stages. Related issues include: health care; childbirth; midwifery; doula practice; family; volunteer service; and women's roles in communities.

Diné bí' íína', Inc. (Navajo Lifeways), Navajo Nation (Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado). A collaborative program restores a working understanding of traditional Navajo-Churro sheepherding, sheep raising, and weaving processes. Related issues include: cultural renewal; Navajo culture and traditions; agriculture; sheepherding and breeding; weaving; nutrition; ethnic and cultural identity, and Native American experience.

Eau Claire Community Council, and Community of Shalom, Eau Claire-North Columbia, South Carolina. An interracial, cross-denominational network revitalizes its historic neighborhoods while addressing community problems and local needs. Related issues include: community renewal; race relations; political activism; historic neighborhood restoration; home ownership; and church involvement.

Proyecto Azteca, San Juan, Hidalgo County, Texas. A grass-roots housing initiative helps migrant farm workers and other low-income residents build and finance their own homes. Related issues include: immigration; income disparities; Texas-Mexico border culture; Mexican American experience; migrant farm worker experience; sweat-equity; home ownership; ethnic and cultural; and cooperative building.

Southwest Youth Collaborative, Chicago, Illinois. An organization builds youth and community leadership and enrichment across a constellation of ethnically diverse neighborhoods. Related issues include: grass-roots activism; neighborhood support programs; intergenerational mentorship; youth recreation; neighborhood transition; drug rehabilitation; gang recovery; youth activism; and ethnic diversity.

Yaak Valley Forest Community, Yaak Valley, Montana. A remote forest settlement fosters dialogue and consensus to address forest protection and use. Related issues include: grass-roots activism; natural resource-based economies; logging industry; forest preservation technology; stewardship of the land; environmental education; government involvement, and compromise.

Haitian Citizens Police Academy, Delray Beach, Florida. A citizen group works in conjunction with local police to reduce crime and improve relations between Haitian residents and area officials. Related issues include: immigration; Haitian American culture; community policing; police cooperation; crime prevention; race relations; language barriers, and violence reduction.

Alaskan Fishing Communities, North Pacific Coast, Alaska. A conservation program dedicated to marine resource management evolves in a region whose traditions and livelihood are largely dependent on fishing. Related issues include: commercial fishing practices; environmental protection; marine occupational traditions; natural-resource-based economies; environmental education; Native communities; and democratic compromise.

CHALK-Communities in Harmony Advocating for Learning and Kids, San Francisco, California. Youth run a peer-to-peer support and crisis intervention phone service. Related issues include: adolescent issues; youth education and employment; peer support; telephone hot-line counseling; communication; resource access; electronic technology; and getting help.

Alternatives Federal Credit Union, Ithaca, New York. A member-run credit union empowers its members by fostering local investment, economic literacy, and low-income bank services and programs. Related issues include: low- and middle-income survival; local investment; small business; economic literacy; banking practices; barter economy; and financial empowerment.

HandMade in America Small Town Revitalization Project, Western North Carolina. A project enhances the quality of regional mountain life and culture through community-based economic and development strategies. Related issues include: southern rural mountain communities; community involvement, small town life and survival; economic development, traditional regional crafts, mountain culture, and tourism.

The Village of Arts and Humanities, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. An inner-city arts and cultural organization rebuilds community through creativity, education, and the physical recovery of the neighborhood. Related issues include: urban revitalization; community building; art; creative expression; collaboration; public art; youth programs; drug rehabilitation; education; art therapy; beautification projects; and housing.    This page last updated September 24, 2000.

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