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Girls of Color


Becky, 20 years old
Becky, 20, in a bikini contest
during spring break, Panama
City, Florida.
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Jennifer, 18 years old
Jennifer, 18, at and eating-disorder clinic, Coconut Creek, Florida.
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The body has become the primary canvas on which girls express their identities, insecurities, ambitions, and struggles. I have documented this phenomenon and at the same time explored how this canvas is marked by the values and semiotics of the surrounding culture.

Lauren Greenfield

Lillian, 19 years old
Lillian, 18, shops at Kirna Zabête, New York, New York.
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Our current cultural environment is especially “toxic” for adolescent girls because of the anxieties it generates about the developing female body and sexuality.

Joan Jacobs Brumberg

from Lauren Greenfield's Girl Culture: Faculty Guide
Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona