Oral Histories

Interviews, lectures, and gallery walk-throughs with photographers, curators, and scholars, all of which are available to the public through the Laura Volkerding Study Center.

Our collection includes materials from 1975 through the present and is constantly growing. The majority of our collection is video based, and the materials used to record the interviews are from the full spectrum of tape and digital video technology from the 1970s through the present.

Oral History Inventory

Voices of Photography

Under the direction of Program Coordinator Harold Jones, Professor Emeritus, the Voices of Photography project preserves significant interviews that are in danger of deterioration and sorts and annotates significant content for future access.

Topics include:

  • Photographers whose archives are at the CCP
  • People who have knowledge and experience with the lives and work of photographers
  • Photographers and historians sharing their views about the evolution of contemporary photography
  • Past and present directors, curators, and staff

Each interview is researched, planned, and conducted by graduate students from the University of Arizona's studio photography and art history programs. All interviews are recorded and preserved on modern media. All videotaped interviews are available to the public through the Laura Volkerding Study Center.

Voices of Photography Videos

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